[time-nuts] TimeLab and HP53132A

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Jan 21 17:26:28 EST 2012

> > Do you have some experience with TimeLab connected with a TIC
> HP53132A?
> > My trouble is as follow:
> >
> > using the default setup and acquiring for 1 hour, I can see on display
> > graph vary (as magnitude)every 1 second count, like the event counter
> each
> > second up to 3600,but the x (time) display show 1800 seconds as total
> > acquisition time over a real 3600 seconds spent.
> >
> > Looking the graphic when I start the acquisition I can see a shape
> > modification every second but the time axis advance only 1 second every
> two
> > real seconds.
> >
> > This happen also with the newest verson of Time Lab.

Including the very newest ones from the past couple of weeks?  Are you using
the talk-only option, or the Acquire->HP 53131... option that I just added

When you use the 'Monitor' button in the acquisition dialog, do you see new
data coming across at one line per second, or one line every two seconds? 

-- john

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