[time-nuts] Labeling project boxes/panels

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Sat Jan 21 19:04:37 EST 2012

I use a super permanent ink sharpie and tell anyone who asks that my 4
yo granddaughter did it...

Charles P. Steinmetz
> I'm tired of setting up silkscreening for one-off or small lot
> projects, and am looking for new ways to neatly label panels
> (generally painted metal, sometimes bare metal or
> plastic).  Preferably, something that can be done on-premises without
> needing to send graphics out and wait for delivery.  I'd like to be
> able to do layouts on a pc -- at a minimum with letters and lines,
> and hopefully the capability to paste graphics, as well.  I'm willing
> to overcoat the labeling if necessary (preferably with a spray rather
> than an adhesive film).  Duty will generally be indoor, but I'd like
> the labeling to survive locations that get direct sun through a window.
> I'm familiar with the Dymo and Brother industrial tape labelers, but
> would like something that is not so confined to available tape widths
> (if I'm doing an overlay -- which I'm not in love with generally --
> I'd like to overlay the whole panel).  I don't know if the Scotchcal
> family of products has anything useful for this.  I have heard of
> materials available for (laser?) printers that create water-soluble
> decals, but have not run across any.  I know there are heat-transfer
> PC resist materials -- are there similar things oriented to panel
> labeling (this would not address plastic panels, I presume)?  One
> potential drawback of printed solutions (where the actual toner or
> ink from the printer becomes the label) may be making light-colored
> labels for dark panels.
> Anything else people like?  I know I said I disfavor sending out for
> overlays, but if anybody thinks really highly of this method, and can
> identify a good vendor, I'm willing to listen.
> Thanks,
> Charles
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