[time-nuts] Things to look for when buying a few FE-5680A's?

Brad Stockdale brad at shinji.net
Sun Jan 22 00:59:26 EST 2012


    I've been on the sidelines of being a time nut for a while now and 
I'm working on getting back into things. Before I drifted away from my 
hobbies, I remember the FE-5680's being around, but I didn't know much 
about them and was more interested in GPSDO's. I think I'd like to help 
kickstart my interest in the area again by picking up a few FE-5680A's 
from eBay. So, I was wondering if there's any certain things I should 
look for when buying some...

    It looks like there's a pretty consistent supply right now on 
eBay... Are there certain sellers that people would recommend?

    I noticed that Option 2 is the RS-232C stuff. Do most on eBay have 
this option?

    Anything in particular I should watch out for?


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