[time-nuts] Spectracom 8170 -> SWCC clock

Jim Hickstein jxh at jxh.com
Sun Jan 22 16:12:53 EST 2012

On 2012/01/22 14:56, Don Latham wrote:
> Measure the resistance of the coil, and see what the current would be
> with the voltage you want to use. Figure out what the current might have
> been in the original installation. Ebay has an installation manual at
> auction for these clocks, may have a description of the driving circuit.

I hate to pay twenty bucks for a PDF, or to pay twenty bucks just to find out. 
If it's anything like this:


... it doesn't say.  The winding battery, and the setting signal, were supplied, 
and the installer didn't need to know the specs.  But, then again, I can't 
afford to experiment too broadly and damage my museum piece.  I think the guy 
who recently cleaned and repaired the movement tested this coil.  I'll call him 
back and ask what he put on it.

> In extremis, measure or estimate the coil wire size and calculate the
> heat loss for the actuated time with the voltage you want to use.
> Don

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