[time-nuts] GPIB programming 'íb' style

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Jan 23 00:49:19 EST 2012

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> Subject: [time-nuts] GPIB programming 'íb' style
> Is it possible to program under Windows, still
> using the old_style national instruments 'ib...' calls.
> when using USB-GPIB interfaces like prologix or others ?

There is currently no complete, supported NI488.2 ("ib...") API
implementation for Prologix adapters.  If you have TimeLab installed, check
out gpibport.cpp in the drivers\shared directory underneath the installation
folder, and you'll see separate code paths for the two interfaces (actually
three, counting the Prologix GPIB-LAN hardware).

One minor point to note: if you want to author for NI488.2, many of the
ib... calls have been removed in the 64-bit Windows edition of the NI488.2
API, so you'll end up using ibconfig() in a lot of places where you formerly
used the older functions.  For instance, ibtmo(ID, timeout) would be
replaced by ibconfig(id, IbcTMO, timeout).  The older API is still available
in 32-bit land, but it would be better for any new code to use the newer
guidelines, which is why I'd recommend looking at the TimeLab source rather
than my older GPIB stuff if you want to see some actual working code.

-- john

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