[time-nuts] hijacking threads

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Mon Jan 23 05:20:09 EST 2012

On 1/23/2012 1:04 AM, gary wrote:
> On Thunderbird, it looks like a fresh thread.

You mean Thunderbird the mail program or that you're on Thunderbird the 
cheap wine?

I'm viewing the list in Thunderbird 3.xx as I reply, and your 
"[time-nuts] ntpq output" is quite clearly attached in the thread of 
"[time-nuts] HP5328A LEDS driver transistor" which now also includes 
"Re: [time-nuts] hijacking threads" messages.

If it looks like a fresh thread to you in your Thunderbird, I can only 
assume you must have turned off threading in your view of the mail list 

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