[time-nuts] GPIB programming 'íb' style

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Jan 23 20:05:50 EST 2012

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> >> For porlogix I'll take a look at the timelab source,
> We really need a tine-nuts wiki to record stuff like this...

www.ko4bb.com has a decent wiki implementation --  I know Bruce has a lot of
content over there.  TimeLab is only just now approaching a 'release' state,
and I'm just starting to document its normal usage, so there's been no time
to post anything about its inner workings. 

But, HP 53131A weirdnesses aside, the GPIB/serial/LAN interface code does
seem to be pretty solid.  Anyone looking for a C++-compatible set of access
routines could probably save some time by cannibalizing the gpibport.cpp

-- john

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