[time-nuts] Determination of the placement of the first pps

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Is this, in any way, related to the fact the Earth has a Moon?

Ideally, the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Moon rotates around the
Earth.  However, is it better described as the 'center of mass' of the
Earth/Moon rotates around the Sun?  Not to mention all those other
confounding variables such as other planets and moons?

Also, getting back to the placement of the 'first pps', is there a way to
'sync' the 1 PPS output of an FE-5680A to an external signal, such as a GPS
receiver or TBolt?  I would think that might be possible given their
original purpose.

Thanks in advance.


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> Not to mention the solar noon varies by +/- 15min over the year (don't ask
> me how this is called...old knowledge from my high school days) 

Analemma: It's the figure 8 you see on globes in the middle of the Pacific 

It's caused by the Earth's orbit not being circular and the axis of rotation

not being perpendicular to the orbit plane.


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