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Hi Ben,

Surprised to see you found the list.  I am a friend of your father.

I was around back when those experiments were done.  Alas, I was only involved,
as many others were, in standing on the ground keeping it from moving while they
got to fly overhead.


Noneayour Bsnes wrote:

> I teach physics, and I love the Hafele-Keating experiment as a way
> to introduce relativity. Because the experiment has a lot of charisma,
> it's cool to be able to show students photos of the men and the
> clocks aboard the plane. The general relativity text by Hartle had
> a photo that he claimed was of Hafele and Keating boarding a plane,
> but it turns out that that was a mistake. Some actual photos from
> the experiment have been available online for a while, but they were
> low resolution. I've obtained and scanned copies of these at higher
> resolution and posted them here:
> http://www.lightandmatter.com/article/hafele_keating.html
> The copyright status of these photos varies, and in some cases is
> difficult to determine. I've given what information I had on the
> web page. I'm in the U.S., where we have a pretty good fair use
> exception to copyright, and for the photos that are copyrighted,
> I think I have an excellent fair-use claim.
> I would be grateful to anyone who could e-mail me with any of the
> following:
> -any biographical information about Hafele or Keating, and contact
>  information if they are still living
> -related historical photos that are in the public domain and of high
>  educational or historical interest
> -information about the copyright of the photo that appeared in
>  Popular Mechanics
> Is anyone on this list old enough to have been involved in
> relativistic atomic clock experiments from that era?
>         Regards,
>         Ben Crowell
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