[time-nuts] Looking for Harris/Qbit amplifers

ed breya eb at telight.com
Tue Jan 24 13:59:56 EST 2012

Yes, those are handy amplifier modules - I always save any that I 
find in surplus RF gear. You can easily replicate the functions with 
modern gain blocks, or your own circuit using discrete parts, if you 
don't need the "drop-in" hermetic package style.

The ones with about 10 dB gain are single stage shunt feedback 
amplifiers. Besides simplicity, the big advantage of store-bought 
ones is that they are exactly specified, while home-made ones are 
not, so it depends on the application.

The larger TO-8 cans usually have built-in coupling caps, while the 
TO-5 types often do not. Quite a few manufacturers got into the VHF 
amplifier module business through the 70s and 80s, but I don't know 
who is still left making those old hermetic can styles. There are 
lots of makers and models of newer types in plastic packages

Here are some that used to make hermetic styles - they all had more 
or less equivalent models available:

Motorola (TO-5 MWA series only)
Qbit (merged w/ Amplifonix?)

I would look at Minicircuit Labs for modern amplifier blocks, maybe 
including hermetic - but those will be spendy brand new, regardless 
of the source.


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