[time-nuts] US Army Frequency Standard

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Tue Jan 24 23:11:20 EST 2012

Amazing, the things that can be picked out of the noise.

I have one of these frequency standards, but it belonged to the US
Dept. of Commerce, during the period 1965 to 1970 when the DoC was
given the weather bureau, named Environmental Science Services (ESSA).
It was last calibrated 9-27-72, after ESSA became NOAA.

The schematic on the cover of the cable box, inside the door, has
the schematic for "Frequency Standard TS-65C/FMQ-1" The box contains
two cables, one with a PL-259 and one with a BNC connector.

The name tag says "Type 2509-2 Ser 140" made by American Time Products
in New York, licensed under Western Electric patents. ATP made timing
chart devices for setting the correct rate for a wrist or pocket watch.
Google has nothing for ATP, but a search for "TS-65C/FMQ-1" has one by
Newton Time Products, which had negative search results.

My device works, 60 Hz reads 60.06, which is 0.1%, but the 10 and 20 Hz
ranges unaccountably have no output. Abe Books has a manual for $5.

Since I'm cleaning out, this mechanical marvel is yours for the cost
of shipping 24 pounds in a 12x12x20 box from Minneapolis 55438. It goes
on the scrap truck Thursday if no one wants old stuff, as usual.

Bill Hawkins

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