[time-nuts] TimeLab and HP53132A

Timeok timeok at timeok.it
Wed Jan 25 10:19:25 EST 2012

> But it misses every other data point after you start the acquisition?

No, every second, the data are acquisite because the shape of the ADEV line
on display change due the algoritm. So, I suppose I acquire all the data are
incoming, one per second. The trouble is the X axis avance only one time
every two seconds.

> That's strange -- if you can get both the talk-only driver and the native
> 531xA driver working, I'd be curious to hear if the same thing happens in
> both cases.  I don't immediately see how it could correctly receive one
> per second in 'Monitor' mode while missing every other sample during
> acquisition, so it would be good to know which driver you're using.

I am not using any external driver. I mean I use your Instrument selection
in Timelab menu. > 

I am not able to do more complicated tests. 

Thanks for your time spending.


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