[time-nuts] Things to look for when buying a few FE-5680A's?

Brad Stockdale brad at shinji.net
Wed Jan 25 14:35:59 EST 2012


    Thank you for the input on the subject. I'll keep my eyes open for 
the two different kinds. In all honesty, I probably don't need to alter 
the frequency... I just like the ability to interrogate the unit for 
other values such as reading the ADC's and health status bits. I've seen 
other threads about undocumented commands and values, and that sort of 
stuff kind of intrigues me.

    Do you know of any other reference manuals for these units? I found 
one PDF that seems to cover the operation and use of the modules pretty 
well. I was curious if there were any other docs out there. I know that 
there's an FAQ site for the units, and I've been reading over that site. 
Good info.

    I'll keep my eyes open for the two different kinds.

Thank you,
Brad Stockdale

On 1/22/2012 12:49 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> The current batch of (about) $40 units are different from what was
> available a year ago.  These new ones require 5V DC input in addition
> to 15V and can only be programmed via RS232 a few Hz away from 10MHz.
> So they are only good for use as a 10MHz reference
> "Option 2" in the book refers to a different type FE5380 that can be
> programed over a very wide range of several MHz.   I think these are
> still being sold on eBay but not for $40.  They seem to be over $100.
> Which is which and how to tell?   Just look at the price.
> On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 9:59 PM, Brad Stockdale<brad at shinji.net>  wrote:
>> All,
>>    I've been on the sidelines of being a time nut for a while now and I'm
>> working on getting back into things. Before I drifted away from my hobbies,
>> I remember the FE-5680's being around, but I didn't know much about them and
>> was more interested in GPSDO's. I think I'd like to help kickstart my
>> interest in the area again by picking up a few FE-5680A's from eBay. So, I
>> was wondering if there's any certain things I should look for when buying
>> some...
>>    It looks like there's a pretty consistent supply right now on eBay... Are
>> there certain sellers that people would recommend?
>>    I noticed that Option 2 is the RS-232C stuff. Do most on eBay have this
>> option?
>>    Anything in particular I should watch out for?
>> Thanks,
>> Brad
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