[time-nuts] [Bulk] Re: Windows app for FE5680 info dump

Scott Newell newell+timenuts at n5tnl.com
Fri Jan 27 20:40:36 EST 2012

At 06:17 PM 1/27/2012, J. L. Trantham wrote:
>Same thing happened to me.  AVG has no problem with it.  I turned off
>Symantec, downloaded it, saved it, and proceeded.

I don't really think there's much I can do.  I sent in a false 
positive report to Norton/Symantec, but I got back the dreaded "can't 
dupe" reply.  From what I found online, if you're getting a 
reputation message, it's because they've not seen the executable 
enough times to trust it (or something like that).

Here's their latest message to me:

We are writing in relation to your submission through Symantec's 
on-line Security Risk / False Positive Dispute Submission form for 
your software being detected by Symantec Software. After downloading, 
installing and scanning your software with Symantec's latest 
definitions we have been unable to reproduce this detection. Can we 
please ask you to ensure that you are using Symantec's latest virus 
definitions for detection? They can be found using live update or 
alternatively from the URL below.


Due to not being able to reproduce this issue we require the 
additional information below to progress the dispute.

* The message or a screen shot of the message received

* A specific URL to download the software

* Exact instructions on how to recreate issue

* Symantec product and version being used for detection

If this dispute is no longer valid please respond to this email and 
we will close off the dispute.

Please respond to this email within 14 days with all questions or 
requests above answered. Failure to respond to this email within 14 
days will deem the Security Risk Dispute submission to be no longer 
valid and initiate a closure procedure. Once closed a new submission 
for the same issue can be opened up to two times. Each new submission 
is subject to the time frame for response of a further week from the 
submission date.


Symantec Security Response

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