[time-nuts] Lady Heather with older f/w TB

Don @ True-Cal True-Cal at swbell.net
Sat Jan 28 13:15:14 EST 2012

LH & TB experts,

I have three Thunderbolts bought over several years. My older unit Mfg: 29-Sept-2000 has f/w 2.12 and besides working flawlessly providing 10Mhz and PPS references, one annoying issue is that this unit has three LH (ver. 3.00 beta) display fields that are obviously not displaying right. LH displays TC = 0.0, Damp = 0.000 and Gain = -3.500 (default for the origanal Trimble oscillator). The Gain field is displayed in yellow. The actual values I use, and that are stored, are TC = 500, Damp = 1.0 and Gain = +1.45 for a Morion MV89A. Tboltmon utility works just fine, and is how I have to set or observe these fields.

Has anyone seen this behavior and is there a fix or workaround . I have to switch utilities if I need to adjust these fields. I would like to use the oscillator autotune (&A), but LH does not set these fields either. I suspect a bit field offset difference between TB f/w 2.12 & 3.00 for these fields.


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