[time-nuts] Manuals or info on Lucent RTFG's

Brad Stockdale brad at shinji.net
Sat Jan 28 13:27:11 EST 2012


    Thank you all for the information on what to look for with 
FE-5680A's and related standards. I've been watching eBay the past few 
days and I think I'll be able to get two or three in the next couple 
days. I saw a set of ten for $349.00 which looked like a good deal... 
But I decided that maybe I should just get a few, and save the rest of 
the money to put towards another frequency standard that I'm interested 
in... Specifically, I've always wanted to get a set of the Lucent RFTG 
XO and Rb units...

    That's what this email is about. I've been looking at the Lucent 
units for a few years now, ever since I got into GPSDO's. My question 
is: Are there any reference or repair manuals out there for the Lucent 
RFTG units? I'm not jumping immediately to buy a pair, but it is on my 
top three list of units I want to get next (1) FE-5680A's, 2) HP 
Z3815A's, 3) Lucent RFTG-m-XO/Rb).

    I finally dug up some non-battery-backed PSU's for my Z3801A's, so I 
may be getting rid of one or two of those to help me get another one of 
the standards I want to work with. I'm keeping two out of four of my 
Z3801A's for sure, and this weekend I'm going to power up all four of 
the units to make sure they're all still operating within spec and such.

    Thanks to all on this list. I've been a lurker for years, only 
sporadically surfacing. But, the amount of knowledge contained on the 
time-nuts list is amazing. I've learned so much by just watching the list.

Brad Stockdale

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