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Rob Kimberley robkimberley at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 29 05:56:08 EST 2012

Hi Brad,

I've had no problems so far. I bought a couple on a free postage deal (took
about a month). Both worked fine, and just in process of building them into
a case. 

Communications with the guy in China were first class. You also need to
realise, that you are getting one hell of a deal with the prices quoted on
EBay from China. These Rubidiums from direct from FEI or one of their reps
are going to be in excess of $1000 each new. OK, you take the risk of the
odd dud, and also you don't know how old they are and how long they'll run,
but at the prices quoted it is well worth the risk.

I hope that helps.

Rob Kimberley 

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    I am getting ready to order a few FE-5680A's from eBay and I noticed
that all of the sellers are from Asia. Is this typically the case or are
there some US based sellers? The reason I ask is because I'm always leery of
buying things that ship from Asia. I've ordered stuff twice from other
sellers in Asia (Hong Kong in one case and China in another). Ive only got
stuck a couple times on eBay and both times it was with my deals with ppl in

    So, I guess this is my question: are the Asia based sellers on eBay the
"normal suspects" and should I be concerned that I won't get the units I

Brad Stockdale

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