[time-nuts] Trimble firmware updates and GPS signal structure.

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Sun Jan 29 20:10:41 EST 2012

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No  firmware update seems to be available for the original Thunderbolt,  
for other earlier units, which probably isn't too  surprising but I  don't 
recall anyway ever noticing periodic dropouts of  this nature  when 
To answer, partially at least, my own question, I found a further reference 
 to the Mini-T firmware upgrade in the document linked to here.....
What's mainly interesting about this file is that it comments that  the 
problem only affects their "new" GPS boards,  which contain Mini-Ts, but 
doesn't affect the older GPS boards and  that these don't require an upgrade.
They provide a photo of each board, and their "older" board clearly  has an 
unboxed Thunderbolt piggy-backed onto it, so I have to assume, as  far as 
the Thunderbolt's concerned, that this was never an  issue.
I'd still be interested in hearing if anybody has successfully upgraded an  
Acutime gold and/or Mini-T.
The possibility of bricking a couple of Mini-Ts isn't something I wish to  
contemplate, even if they aren't anywhere near as good as the Thunderbolt, 
but  if it turned out Trimble addressed the frequency jumps at the same  time 
that would make it well worth the risk.

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