[time-nuts] FE-.5680A trimming resolution

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 13:43:21 EST 2012

These are 4-BYTE single precision floating point numbers,  not 4 bit integers.   They are the values plotted in the Lady Heather PPS and OSC graphs (and used in the "ADEV" calculations and plots  (not actually true ADEV values since they are not refereneced to an external reference,  but still useful).

>From the plots,  you can see that you would have a tough time using the OSC values in real time.  They are very noisy and need heavy filtering.   You might be able to do something useful with the PPS data,  but it is also rather noisy.   I think you would add just as much noise to the output as you would remove.   A much better approach is to minimize the system errors with a GOOD antenna,   accurate position survey,   proper oscillator control parameters,   and temperature stabilization (of both the receiver and power supply)...   Lady Heather is willing to oblige on the last points.   A good Tbolt implementation can get the PPS plot to under a few nanoseconds of error.


Each is a 4-bit signed integer with units of nanoseconds for PPSOset and in pars per billion for 10MHZOset. 		 	   		  

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