[time-nuts] HP5334B with 10544 OCXO

Bill Riches bill.riches at verizon.net
Mon Jan 30 14:21:31 EST 2012

10544 is cool - earlier version than the 10811.  Just make sure that the
unit is getting warm - some of them have had oven controller problems - but
haven't we all??!!


Bill Riches


I recently bough an HP-5334B counter with option 010 from the big "E".  A
Google search seems to indicate the OCXO should be a 10811 type OCXO but
mine has a type 10544.

Other than taking longer to warm up does anybody see any problems with this?
Basic testing shows the unit seems to work OK.  It is reading 1.7 Hz low
compared to my Thunderbolt at 10 MHz - I have not tried adjusting the
trimmer on the 10544 yet.

Comments and thoughts appreciated.




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