[time-nuts] HP5334B with 10544 OCXO

Roy Phillips phill.r1 at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 30 16:39:42 EST 2012

By chance I have just today installed a recently acquired 10554 OCXO into my 
HP 5334B Counter.  Its has been running for 5 hours and is yet to 
stabilize - my Manual suggest that 24 hours is the required time. Despite 
reading the manual, I cannot see any reference to the change over from the 
"low grade" inbuilt oscillator - is this automatic or does it require a 
jumper alteration.  I seem to recall that Rick Karlquist  referred to a 
voltage "droop" in the PSU occurring, due to the additional load of the oven 
as a consequence of fitting the OCXO to the 5334B.  I assume that this is 
when the oven is taking maximum current - perhaps he will offer some help 
(again) as I cannot find his earlier comments ?  I note that the rear 
"simple" oscillators trimmer is still operative - should this be so ?, or is 
it indicative to a need to disconnect it ?
Again, any comments would be appreciated.

From: "Allwright, Mark" <Mark_Allwright at kindermorgan.com>
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Subject: [time-nuts] HP5334B with 10544 OCXO

> Hello.
> I recently bough an HP-5334B counter with option 010 from the big "E".  A 
> Google search seems to indicate the OCXO should be a 10811 type OCXO but 
> mine has a type 10544.
> Other than taking longer to warm up does anybody see any problems with 
> this?  Basic testing shows the unit seems to work OK.  It is reading 1.7 
> Hz low compared to my Thunderbolt at 10 MHz - I have not tried adjusting 
> the trimmer on the 10544 yet.
> Comments and thoughts appreciated.
> Regards.
> Mark.
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> Mark Allwright
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