[time-nuts] Android App for UTC vs GPS vs TAI vs Device Time

Iain iain at g7iii.net
Tue Jan 31 18:38:47 EST 2012

Hi Folks,

We all know the issue of Android Devices that report GPS as UTC Time,
and  all that goes with it. I do have TAI Clock installed, along with
"UTC Clock" and "Navy Clock"

Now.. Even though I have a Samsung S-2, what I'm really after is an
app that shows the following:

   1) Local Device Time
   2) UTC Time (maybe grabbed from a remote NTP Server)
   3) GPS Time (derived from the GPS constellation, but not making 
system time negative 15 seconds
   4) TAI Time (derived from 1,2, or 3 above..)

I have apps for some combination of the above, but not all. Anyone know
of such an animal ? At least one of the apps seems to say my device is
syunc with GPS, when others suggest it is syncronised with UTC!

[This is also to explain and demonstrate the differences to a friend,
but it would be good to be able to tell what time-frame the S-2 is
working to...]

Best Regards


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