[time-nuts] Racal-Dana 1992

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 23:12:06 EST 2012

DIY option for the 1992

I picked up mine as scrap. It did not have OCXO and the accuracy was terrible. I had been watching some 'bay auctions and most suitable OCXO were going for 30-40$.. one Christmas I put in a minimum bid and since most of you were away.. I got one for $5.50 ! You need a 5V oscillator.

I used a perforated general purpose PCB and made a plug-in board for the OCXO and added a fine voltage control and mounted the pot on the back panel where there is an opening for the adjustment for the options. This is very simple DIY and should not give anyone trouble.
I calibrate with the Rb unit and sometimes use the Rb units 10 Mhz out when I need a precise measurement.


Bangalore, India. 

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