[time-nuts] HP Z3801A and Tac 32

Merv Thomas vk6bmt at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 11 06:26:20 EST 2012

Hi All,

I use a Z3801A with a software program called GPS Control published by BDS 
Systems of Colorado and the setup works well but I have never been able to 
look at or control the 3801A using Tac32.

Very recently Tac32 was upgraded to allow one to choose most of the GPS 
receiver communications parameters but even with this I can not achieve any 
data.  GPS Control is set as :

Baud Rate 19200
Parity ODD
Data bits 7
Stop bits 1
Handshake NONE

Please someone help me with suggestions as to what protocol the 3801A 
outputs and whether it is possible to use Tac32 successfully using the same 
communication paramaters as for the BDS software?

Thanks - Merv  VK6BMT 

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