[time-nuts] pulse height (M. Simon)

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 25 17:53:21 EST 2012

Thanks all for the additional comments and suggestions, re the 1pps output voltage on my Z3805's.  I did confirm that my measurement technique gives reasonable answers with other 1 pps signals.  I also was able to observe an LED dimly flashing when connected to the 1pps output of one of my Z3805's.  I believe something is wrong with my measurement technique vis a vis the signal from my Z3805's.  I'm about to head out on the road for several weeks but will dig into this some more during the Holidays.   (Hopefuly the ADEV of the units will continue to improve after another several weeks of operation.)

The joys of knowingly buying used gear from China with no data sheets or manuals, still the price and the performance makes it worth the hassle for me (:

Best regards

Mark Spencer

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