[time-nuts] Best counter setting for ADEV?

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Tue Oct 2 08:43:08 EDT 2012

Timeok schrieb:
> test using HP53123A:
> The pink line is the noise floor using the TI mode
> The blue line is the noise floor using the Frequency mode (gate 2 sec)
> The other two line are the same oscillator, an HP105B tested with both 
> the modes.
> As you can see the range between 1 and 200 sec is "totally
> compromised" by the system noise floor using the TI method.
> The approximation using the freq mode can be anyway usefull to make a
> comparatinon between two source.
> I suppose to have right measurements, without any restriction we have
> to use the Timepod or other high level instruments than this kind of
> counters.
> Luciano

Hi Luciano,

interesting. So, the 53132A gains a lot more by this method than my 53131A.
As Magnus pointed to, there might be pitfalls. So, it would be 
interesting to have comparative measurements from a non questionable 
test setup.

In the meantime I tried a Tracor 527A which greatly improved the dynamic 
range, but appears to suffer from serious instability that might or 
might not be normal.


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