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Hi all:
Thanks for your response to my question.
I had no idea!

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> Other than a terrorist, who would want to jam GPS?

Generic bad guys who don't want the FBI tracking them.  The civil liberties 
types are suing the FBI to make sure the get a court document before they 
install GPS trackers on suspects cars.

Truckers who don't want their boss to know what they are actually doing.
FAA test in NJ had troubles because of truckers using GPS jammers on the 
nearby NJ Turnpike.

There is also jamming from broken gear, perhaps broken by (mis)design.  The 
classic is a TV repeater on a boat that wiped out Monterrey Bay.  GPS World 
used to have a good article on-line, but the URL I had bookmarked is now
 Anybody got a working URL?
  The Hunt for RFI
  Unjamming a Coast Harbor
  James R. Clynch, Andrew A. Parker, George Badger,
      Wilbur R. Vincent, Paul McGill, Richard W. Adler
  GPS World, Jan 1, 2003

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