[time-nuts] Oscillator frequency?

ken johnson bats059 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 09:07:40 EDT 2012

Hi, I have a tcxo that I recovered from a very old, suitcase-sized gps
receiver some years ago. The oscillator is marked "ERC
Eros-750-MA110", with an output frequency of 5.119155MHz. I have tried
to think of a use for for it but failed. I played with the numbers but
could not find anything useful, so I thought I would try the
collective wisdom of the list to see if anyone could come up with a
use for such an oddball frequency.

As an aside, it was fascinating to see a gps in discrete components,
lots of mixers (I recovered no less than 10, MCL ASK1 mixers and there
are still several left on the boards) on something like 7 or 8 , 200mm
square, gold-plated plug-in boards on a very nice card frame with
many, many interconnecting small-diameter coaxes with gold-plated

Pity I wasn't interested in time-nuttery at the time, it probably
worked before I reduced it to component parts!

Thanks, Ken

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