[time-nuts] Oscillator frequency?

ken johnson bats059 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 20:37:53 EDT 2012

Thanks Don and Allen, it's been that long since I played with radio I
had forgotten- 5.12 is half of 10.240 used to downconvert from 10.7 if
to 455. I had a look through the circuits for my rigs, and my
Eddystone 770r boat anchor uses 5.12MHz to align the various if's, and
multiples of it to align various other bits, so the ocxo may yet come
in handy.

Of course, that means I now need to look for yet another round tuit
for that job- there never seems to be enough round tuits for the jobs
currently on hand, let alone new ones......

On 2012-10-04 03:28, Don Latham wrote:> Hi Ken: I have two of these,
and had the same problem some years ago
> (see archives time-nuts). Nothing seemed to need this frequency. Fast
> forward to present. I'm using an ICOM 260A 2m all-mode xceiver for if in
> a 13 cm moonbounce system. The xtal frequency for the basic synthesizer
> in these units is 5.12 MHz. I played around with the idea of separate
> better xtals, until one day I was cleaning out. DOH! I now have a use
> for those weird OCXO's!
> Soooooo... never throw anything away, and never dismay, for all weird
> stuff WILL be useful someday. There's a coarse adjustment of some kind
> on these units.
> 73, Don AJ7LL

Ken, vk7krj

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