[time-nuts] 5071A Cs oven

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Thu Oct 4 16:27:55 EDT 2012


Cs depletion in modern tubes is a real failure mode!

However some competing modes are:

Ion pump failure (whiskers or high impedance shorts)
High Cs backround level (Gettering saturation)
Oven or ionizer filament failure (More common on older HP units with the
AC excitation, (think of those neat light bulbs with the magnet inside
where the filament jumps all over the place, less drastic mechanical
flexing caused the filaments to eventually fail due to fatigue.)
Slow leaks ruining the vacuum

Running the Cs with the ovens off as described WILL delay some of these
failures, (it's recommended that the ion pump remain energized however)

A 5071A tube could be installed into a 5061A (with proper adaptors) but

Later HP 5061A and 5061B "mini" tubes with the same diameter as the 5071A
tubes can be installed into the 5071A with some caveats and proper

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