[time-nuts] info on Vectron Crystal Oscillator Model 224-5136, 48MHz

Jerome Peters jpeters at nvidia.com
Thu Oct 4 18:03:51 EDT 2012

I could not find any info on the Vectron Crystal Oscillator Model 224-5136, 48MHz so I decided to open one up and share what I have been able to figure out.
Currently I have two questions:  supply voltage, and Adj voltage range?

There are seven solder lugs in a semi-circle, it looks like a mirror image of the letter C.  Counting clockwise, the First lug is 11 O'clock, Second lug 12 O'clock, Third lug 1 O'clock, the Seventh lug is at 7 O'clock.
1 - NC
2 - GND
3 - GND
4 - VCC (positive supply)
5 - NC
6 - Adj
7 - GND

On the inside, you can see that one wire (Orange) goes to lug #4. In addition there are two zener diodes voltage regulator running off of #4.  There is a 6.2V zener (1n753A) and a 15V zener (1n4109). A Black wire going to #2,#3,#7 and the case.  The #6 lug goes to a resistor divider 24K Ohm & 100K Ohm to GND, a gray wire from the center of the divider, this is what I am assuming is the fine adjust.  Ok, so now it is clear that I need more than 15V supply, but how much?  I'm assuming that the orange wire is directly to the Heater, while the 15V and 6.2V would be for the Oscillator and buffer or control circuitry.
So I raised VCC in one volt increments and measured across the zeners until they were at the correct voltage.  However it is kind of like having two watches at the same time - neither of the zener are at the correct voltage at the same time.  It would probably be safe to run at ~20V, but I'm still curious what the heater circuit was designed for.

Supply  Z6.2        Z15
14V        5.316     11.73
15V        5.566     12.59
16V        5.801     13.45
17V        5.966     14.31
18V        6.135     14.91
19V        6.150     15.11
20V        6.166     15.33
21V        6.175     15.47
22V        6.180     15.64
23V        6.199     15.83
24V        6.210     16.00

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