[time-nuts] 57600 baud rate with Basic???

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Hi Corby,
Before you go to all the trouble of venturing into unfamiliar waters, code a
few inps and outs to poke a 2 into the uart divisor latch and give it a try.
I just tried poking 3 to pull in some 38.4k NMEA strings and its fine.
Using v3.22 and W7/32.

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I'm currently using a GWBasic program at 9600 Baud to get 1 second T.I.
data (12 digits) from an SR620 counter, display the reading , put the
reading into a file, name the file sequentialy, and either save or delete
the file via a function key.

I'm switching to a new counter that outputs at 57600 Baud (9 digits).

Is there a version of Basic I can use that would support that 57600 Baud


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