[time-nuts] Antique 5061A option 004

David I. Emery die at dieconsulting.com
Mon Oct 15 17:30:08 EDT 2012

	In a mad moment at the NEARFest flea this weekend I grabbed
a 5061A for $250.   Poor thing was getting wet in the rain and needed
a home.  Really really heavy to carry to the car, however...

	It has a high performance option 004 CBT in it (late SN
3112A02887 dated 05/93).   And a 10811-60109 OCXO.   Option 3 whatever
that is, and H29 too.   Seems to have a BNC marked C field...

	Chassis SN is 2002A01710 but a number of the modules have  late
series numbers such as 2740 for the synth, 2652 for the oven controller,
and 2448 for the AC amp..

	The unit obviously came from the Naval Observatory (similar
to Paul Swed's I presume)... has a sticker on it.

	Looks superficially as if it was upgraded various times -
wondering if anyone could suggest where a manual that would cover the
OCXO mod and others on into the 90s might be had (Artek ?) 

	I have yet to fire it up (gotta dig out a power cord I have
somewhere in the way back junque)... but FWIW (not much I am sure) I was
told it would lock "after a while".

	I suppose it is time to see if it will pump down and have any
measurable beam current - I guess at least possible that a CBT that
young might still have a tiny bit of life left.

	A question - I assume the OCXO is 10 MHz (I think all 10811s
are) and thus it obviously must be easily possible to provide a 10 MHz
output. Is there a point to attach a SMA to BNC for this ?

	It is my first Cesium, now I guess I officially have the
disease, all those Rbs and GPSDOs being just prodromal syndromes...

	I also grabbed a PRS10 at the flea (that was pretty cheap
at $50) and wonder where I might land a PBBT adapter for it cheap
too... I'd rather see if it works OK before investing in a new one
first... and that connector is a bear.

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