[time-nuts] Hp 58503A

Mark Danon mdanon1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 09:52:20 EDT 2012

Hey guys, new to the group here and wanted to throw a question out there. I just picked up an HP 58503A and hooked it all up. I have it connected to my computer and I can see the system status via satstat and all looks to be working correctly. However, I notice that there is distortion on the 10 meg sine wave on the 10 meg out on the back. This distortion consists of a slightly        mis-shapen negative peak. The positive peak it normal. The unit has now been on for 15 hours and no change. It is locked to gps. The 10 meg out directly from the back of the XTAL is a perfectly normal sine wave. The question: is this a problem with my unit? Is this normal? And, how can I fix it. Thanks fellas, Mark.

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