[time-nuts] Odetics 365

Rob S. roberts at dcsi.net.au
Thu Oct 18 02:39:59 EDT 2012

Hello Group,  first time post

I have just got my Odetics 365 working again after it being packed away for
a few years. I have it connected to a HP 5386A frequency counter and am
monitoring the 10 MHz output ( down to 0.01 Hz res ).

I am noticing the frequency is drifting about 1.5 to 2 Hz over the day and
settling low for a few hours ( aprox midday ) and then settling high about
12 hours later. The 365 is showing TFOM4 and Time locked, has a GDOP of 3.68
and displays a frequency error of +2.98E-013  and a Std error of Est of
4.80E-008. The averaging is turned off and it "see's" 3 to 5 satellites
continuously.  My question is would this be normal behavior ( + or - 2 Hz )
for this type of equipment or is it looking like I have something that is
drifting a bit ? Also would switching the averaging on help ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated Group,

Thanks and Cheers,


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