[time-nuts] GWBasic at 57600 Baud WORKS!

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Thu Oct 18 16:52:11 EDT 2012

I got my "dinosaur" up and healthy again.

The code Ed Moxon suggested worked great with some monor tweaks to my

10 'run gwbasic com port at high baudrate by poking divisor latch

100 OPEN "COM1:9600,N,8,1" AS 1 '9600 is 115200/12, so latch is now 12

110 UBASE = &h3f8: LCR=UBASE+3 'uart i/o address, 3f8 for com1, 2f8 com2
120 X=INP(LCR):X=X+128:OUT LCR,X 'set uart DLAB bit
130 OUT UBASE,2 'uart divisor latch lowbyte, 115200 gets divided by this
140 X=X-128: OUT LCR,X 'reset DLAB for normal op

400 'fetch strings
410 LINE INPUT#1, C$
420 PRINT C$;
430 GOTO 410

As per the "dinosaur" I have run thousands of Allan Deviation plots over
the years, taking data from my SR620 with a GWBasic program running in an
old laptop mounted in a docking adaptor in my timing rack. (the dinosaur)
The program when run assigns the next sequential file # which it writes
to disk as well as printing it to the screen.
If you push the S key it closes the file on the disk and stops the
program. If you push the D key it deletes the current file and decrements
the file number so that you can reuse it the next time. The computer is
allways up and ready to go. Since I did not want to tear out and replace
the hardware the fix Ed helped with was the way to go!

Now I can hook up my new counter that works at 57600 Baud to replace the

Hope this can help someone else!

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