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Hi TJ,

The Jupiter receivers I have are the standard part, and like you I have found detailed design info hard to come by.

All I can suggest for your issue is to use a small microcontroller to send the commands to the receiver at power up, then go to sleep until the next power cycle.

I have been using Silabs' Toolsticks for hacks of that nature. There is an example of such hack with my GPS monitor project.

You do not need to buy any software (the Silabs IDE is free, and you can use either the free and limited Keil demo C compiler, or the free and unlimited SDCC C compiler.)

I have C code for talking to a Maxim DS1629 RTC, and you could use my GPS monitor project as a starting point.
Even though the GPS monitor only listens to the Thunderbolt, there is software support for sending messages as well in the source code.

The F330 Toolstick is about $10 and the programmer is about $20. Alternately, TI has cheaper kits for their MPS430, but the C compilers are not free, and writing in assembly is not my idea of fun.

I am sure those familiar with the PICs will suggest their favorite solution as well.


PS: I take the liberty of sending this to the time-nuts list, as there may be other people interested to chime in.

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Subject: Jupiter GPS questions

Message: Hello KO4BB,

Many thanks for making so many resources available through your
website.  I'd never seen Labmon 7 before and it cured several
problems with previous versions.

I'm attempting to use a Jupiter serial GPS receiver with APRS.  This
is an OEM version made for Etak/Sony about 1999, p.n. TU40-D310-011. 
It uses the Rockwell Scorpio DSP (11577-11) but implements few
features.  I've never found a datasheet or even a pinout for this
chip.  Conexant stopped producing this chip about ten years ago and
now they don't appear to answer their phones.  Apparently they never
released chip level data to the public for this DSP, only for
built-up GPS modules.

My biggest issues are automatically forcing NMEA out at startup and
possibly adding an RTC.  Any insights you can give will be greatly

Best wishes and thanks,
TJ Fiel

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