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> There is an MSP430 port of GCC that works fine, and mspdebug is able to
> write the code to the chip via the programming hardware that comes on
> the Launchpad boards. TI also provides several free IDEs with code size
> limits, if you prefer that route. Definitely not as easy for a beginner
> as an Arduino - the chips are more complicated and the documentation a
> bit more arcane - but there's still a good community around them and
> decent tools available for free. There's also the ST 'DISCOVERY' series.
> Much more powerful chips, on a board, with a USB programmer still around
> the $10 mark, but coding for ARM is again another step up the difficulty
> ladder.

I've built a couple of projects using an Arduino clone.  Very easy to get
working, there's a complete IDE available and it's pretty simple to set
up a standard "make" environment if that's your preference.  I'm rather
sold on these.

I recently picked up a couple of TI LM4F120 evaluation kits.  These were
$5 each INCLUDING SHIPPING.  There's a free gcc based toolchain for
those too.

If you don't like C, you can use a Basic Stamp.  They've been around
a long while.  

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