[time-nuts] Adjusting HP 5065A frequency

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Fri Oct 19 18:55:22 EDT 2012


You do use the C-field adjust to put a 5065A "On frequency". The Factory
values are a moot point after all these years!

Just incrementaly adjust the c-field control in small steps while
observing the frequency comparison. 

The only thing that might happen is that you reach one end of the C-field
pot before getting to the frequency you want.

If that is the case you will need to set the synthesizer switch to the
next value in the chart. (either up or down depending on which way you
ran out of room.)

Then start over with the c=field adjustment.

If you switch the synthesizer setting you will need to remove power
momentarily to reset the synthesizers lock indication circuit. Otherwise
pushing the logic reset button to get the green light wont work.

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