[time-nuts] Efratom FRK and M100 question

WB6BNQ wb6bnq at cox.net
Fri Oct 19 20:39:28 EDT 2012

Hi Corby,

Will it start when it gets cold ?  How long do you have to let it cool before it
will re ignite ?

Perhaps the lamp oscillator has a problem where it will not oscillate when hot
with the momentary lost of power.


cdelect at juno.com wrote:

> It's been a few years since I really dug into the FRK and M100 but I do
> remember this particular common problem.
> You power the unit up and after the normal warm up period it locks and
> stays locked.
> Then if you cycle the power the Lamp refuses to light.
> Has anyone figured out the most likely cause of this symptom.
> Any suggestions welcome!
> Thanks,
> Corby
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