[time-nuts] GPSDO three cornered comparisons

David Hooke dhooke at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 19:44:46 EDT 2012


The ADEVs I quoted are from the Z83xx software, so I assume it's 
comparing time from the GPS system to it's own oscillator's output, in 
the same way that LH does. I've been monitoring the basic stuff you 

It's because I don't have a known reference to compare the units with 
that I want to use the 3-corner method to start sorting the wheat from 
the chaff.


>> I have an HP 58503A and a Symmetricom 58503B which are behaving quite
>> differently to one another using a common antenna. Using Z38xx, there's
>> almost an order of magnitude difference between the reported ADEVs at
>> 40k seconds (HP:7e-13, Sym:5e-12). Both have 10811 oscillators and are
> Where are you getting the "reported ADEVs"? What counter, what reference, what software?
> Did you happen to periodically log any SCPI data during the runs, so that you can compare SV counts, signal strengths, TI averages, and so on? In general it might be good to have a quick look at this mundane data first.
> /tvb

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