[time-nuts] documentation for beginners (was: Followup (still want a GPS-type NTP refclock))

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Oct 21 21:43:17 EDT 2012

Hi Hal,

Good suggestions. Let me consider them.

BTW, the best time & frequency glossary on the web so far is at:
There's also an index at:

Another newcomer must-read is this excellent T&F tutorial by NIST:
"Properties of Oscillator Signals and Measurement Methods" FAQ
- What is frequency stability?
- How do I measure frequency stability?
- How do I analyze the data?
- What is an example of time domain signal processing and analysis?
- What is spectrum analysis?
- What are the problems with digitizing the data?
- How do I translate between frequency domain and time domain?
- What causes noise in a signal?


Hal Murray" <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:
> It really helps if there is a FAQ or Wiki type starter page.  It doesn't have 
> to say everything.  It should have many links to other web pages.  The idea 
> is some place that is reasonably high-quality where you can get started.
> Sure, google will find stuff, but you have to know what to search for.  A 
> FAQ/Wiki starting page tells you the terms you might want to search for.
> For example, if you were a beginner time-nut, how would you know that you 
> should search for TBolt or Thunerbolt and that if you searched for 
> Thunderbolt you needed to add Trimble or you would get a lot of other junk?
> A glossary can also be a wonderful resource.  Again, it can have links to 
> other info, but a quick description tells you whether that is a term you are 
> interested in and/or how it fits in.

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