[time-nuts] Two PICTIC II bare boards for sale

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It is easy to add a JTAG programming header to the TBolt display sold by fluke.l and others that are based on my design. The software is already written for the TBolt, the code is open source (in C), somewhat documented and available, the tools are free and the JTAG adapter is only $20.
The cost of an LCD display and the Silabs toolstick is under $20.
If anyone has any inclination to do something like that for a different model of GPS receiver, I cannot imagine a cheaper or easier way to get started.

Didier KO4BB

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> Hey guys, im still looking to buy an optio 01 kit for my HP 58503A...
> if anyone happesn to know where I might pick one up, I would great
> appreciate it.

Hi Mark,

Postings like this are sort of ok, but not twice in a week.

The 58503A itself is an exceptional device but the addition of the 01 kit (or the 58503B's that include the display/keyboard by default) make an especially beautiful and useful bench instrument. You probably don't know that these kits are quite rare and command a very high price. My suggestion is to keep an open search on eBay and one may show up within a year for under 500. You can sometimes find a used 58503B with display for around 1k. Or you cold hunt for a dead unit that still has the display, case, and buttons intact and use all the parts.

Alternatively you can home-brew a nice LCD, Nixie, or VFD display for the 58503 using existing headers on the board or using SCPI over a RS232 tap. I think it would be a fun project; something you could share with the group. I suspect quite a number people would be interested. Furthermore, if you did it as a RS232 tap and enjoy microcontrollers, you could make it work with many different models (Z3801, 58503, 59551, Fury, and TBolts).


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