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Edgardo Molina xe1xus at amsat.org
Sat Oct 27 13:41:35 EDT 2012

Dear Magnus,

I do not have a reference for the performance of Windows as NTP server. This has been a busy week and long working nights. It is a logical workload after being absent for nearly two weeks : )

I will browse the web and NIST to find some solid references to this issue. I am still enthusiastic about doing the side by side comparison for measuring various parameters between a Windows and a Linux box running NTP. It will require time to set the test but the contribution could be interesting, specially if no work has been done previously. I will use my spare time this weekend to search for information on the subject.


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On Oct 27, 2012, at 8:47 AM, Magnus Danielson <magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org> wrote:

> Dear Edgardo,
> On 10/25/2012 02:04 AM, Edgardo Molina wrote:
>> Dear Mangus,
>> I will allow myself to share a comment on your thread.
>> Timing on windows servers is not one of their plausible strengths.
> This comes as no surprise, but I wanted some hard fact to assist in raising the awareness.
> The reason I raised it here is that I didn't have the hard facts at hand when I needed it, and I trust the time-nuts to have a diversity of facts laying around. :)
>> It was clearly pointed out during the SIM conference last week at CENAM.
>> In fact there was an interesting discussion about the drawbacks when
>> using NTP Windows based servers and all kind of NTP appliances compared
>> to full size Linux based NTP servers.
> Is there a presentation or even a paper to illustrate this?
>> The example of what NIST is using nationwide for their servers set an
>> example of good server hardware and linux to provide the nation's NTP pulse.
> Interesting. I have however pointed out that a downside to their strategy is that wide-spread set of servers assist to keep network effects down. In Sweden SP (NMI) and NETNOD operates redundant servers in 4 different locations, at SP and at the three main internet exchange-points.
>> I haven't done any experiments with Windows for NTP services, still it
>> could be interesting as to set a benchmark while comparing it to the
>> Linux boxes.
> My gut feeling says that an undisciplined Windows can be anywhere, configuring a server for the SNTP brings it into decent shape for most workstation usages, shifting over to NTP is needed for many applications but even that won't compete with a Linux or BSD box.
> Being able to show that in a paper is better than arm-waving, even if most people here most probably would believe me without much fact.
>> I am currently trying out the Domain Time II NTP client from
>> Symmetricom for the thesis. I have to come back to Symmetricom's
>> Miguel García to decide on purchasing a Domain Time II NTP client kit.
>> How is the Mainberg NTP client different from the Symmetricom version?
>> Have you tried both?
> I haven't tried either, as I rarely operate a Windows box.
>> If not I will be more than glad to help comparing both if you can help
>> me pointing out the source for a demo version of Mainberg's software.
> Meinberg's NTP is available in fullblown version from their website:
> http://www.meinberg.de/german/sw/ntp.htm
> (the link to that page is available on their front page under the dubious and hard to grasp title "NTP Software Sownload")
> What they have done is essentially port the ntp.org NTP to Windows and gift-wrapped it a little in terms of installation.
>> Maybe then an objective review of both clients will be in order,
>> I will be more than glad to do it or to test them against Windows
>> NTP services, appliances and/or Linux NTP boxes. I have at least an
>> example of those at the office.
> Actually, doing this kind of measurement could be illustrative that your time may be quite dispersed. It helps to raise the question of what time is it really, how could I improve it and can there be an approval mark on the time I have.
>> 			-13
>> Just my  2x10	cents.
> That's a large frequency deviation among time-nuts. :)
>> Regards to you and the group,
> Many thanks!
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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