[time-nuts] Splitter for GPS antenna suggestions?

David okdavid5555 at cox.net
Sat Oct 26 00:58:32 EDT 2013

Hello --

I'm not very knowledgeable electronically, but I am currently using a
Minicircuits ZAPD-3DB-1575-3 splitter to connect one TrueTime 142-400 GPS
antenna to a Spectracom 8183 and a Spectracom 8183-A. I use the Spectracoms
only as precise digital clocks, and they seem to work just fine.

I bought the Minicircuits splitter on eBay for $30, buy-it-now, as I recall,
but it's been a while ago.

Hope that's helpful.

David in Oklahoma City

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I want to see if it is possible to feed both the Trimble TB and the Jackson
Labs Fury from the existing antenna. It appears both the TB and the Fury are
5vdc antenna power. 

Checked the auction site for splitters, but before I randomly buy anything,
could someone please suggest what they use that works?

Thanks, and 73
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