[time-nuts] TS-2100 OCXO

Gerhard Wittreich wittregr at wittreich.org
Mon Oct 28 08:30:44 EDT 2013

In my quest to add an MTI 240 OCXO to my TS-2100 I ended up buying one on
eBay only to realize that MTI made many custom versions of the MTI 240
OCXO.  I had no idea what the specific characterisics of my MTI 240 (MTI
240-0545-C) were and how did they compare to the TS-2100 stock MTI OCXO
(MTI 240-0530-C).  I gave MTI a call and found someone willing to help.  He
dug out the data sheets for both OCXO's and even told me that the TS-2100
stock OCXO was still available and in stock.  Unfortunately, the price was
$350/ea +S/H...A bit more than I was willing to spend.

I tried to post this message to this list with the PDF's attached but the
message was reject because it exceed the 128kB limit.  If any one is
interested in these datasheets send me your direct e-mail address and I'll
forward them to you.

1.  MTI 240-0530-C  (Stock OCXO in TS-2100)

2.  MTI 240-0545-C  (Currently very available OCXO on eBay)

-- Gerhard

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