[time-nuts] FTS1000A 05818-501 spec's

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Fri Aug 8 17:24:09 EDT 2014

What I use: pin5 = gnd and pin8 = 24VDC, but Corby may have more info.

I don't have specs on model 05818-501. For vintage parts like this an actual recent measurement is usually worth more than a vintage data sheet. I know from personal experience that many 5 MHz FTS/Datum 1000 and 1200 oscillators are stable to parts in ten to the -13th. I'll see if I can dig up phase noise plots for you.


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> Hello, all
> I went a bit overboard on ebay and ended up with a FTS1000A model
> 05818-501. I've found the datasheet for the FTS1000 on ko4bb's site, but
> the model numbers does not match up. Does anyone know the spec for this
> particular model (phasenoise/stability), and if there's reason to suspect
> that the pinout is different for this particular model?
> Thank you all!

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