[time-nuts] WWVB BPSK patent status

Alexander Pummer alexpcs at ieee.org
Fri Aug 8 20:40:53 EDT 2014

look that also:
48 Ultra-accurate DSP-based
DCF77 Timecode Receiver
To extract the highest possible accuracy from the German DCF 77.5
kHz time
code broadcast this project uses DSP algorithms running on a low-cost 
microcontroller to filter and demodulate both the AM and phase modulated
signals, while also producing a very stable 10
Hz carrier-locked reference clock


On 8/8/2014 5:20 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> How about these Xtendwave patents for a start:
> 8270465 - Timing and Time Information Extraction from a Phase Modulated Signal in a Radio Controlled Clock Receiver
> 8605778 - Adaptive radio controlled clock employing different modes of operation for different applications and scenarios
> 8774317 - System and Method for Phase Modulation Over a Pulse Width Modulated/Amplitude Modulated Signal for Use in a Radio Controlled Clock Receiver
> Application number: 20130121399 - Timing and Time Information Extraction in a Radio Controlled Clock Receiver
> And patent 8300687 of the same name but issued Oct 2012?
> Or did you mean Heath Co.? The only thing relevant there is 4582434 - Time corrected, continuously updated clock but that is for WWV/WWVH not WWVB. And it was granted in 1986, so no longer in effect anyway.
> Paul
> On Aug 8, 2014, at 6:24 PM, Brooke Clarke <brooke at pacific.net> wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> Do you have any patent numbers.
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