[time-nuts] Lamp for FRK Rubidium Needed

Peter peter at g0rsq.co.uk
Sun Aug 10 06:01:49 EDT 2014

Chuck Harris <cfharris at ...> writes:

> Paul's description is spot on.

> Once the bulb is clear, you are done.  The real truth is
> once it is clearer than it was, it is going to work better
> than it did... When it is all the way clear, it is a good
> as it was when it was new, and  should last as long as a
> new bulb would have.
> -Chuck Harris
> Peter wrote:
> >
> >
> > paul swed <paulswedb <at> ...> writes:
> >
> >>
> >> Chuck is correct I have done this trick on FRS units. The glass clears and
> >> the lamp re-ignites and continues to work for a long time. Actually it
> >> hasn't failed and this must be 2 years now.
> >> Regards
> >> Paul
> >> WB8TSL
> >>

Thanks to the help from members here I now have a locking FRK.

My bulb looked pretty clear, and i couldnt find any deposits or "bits"
inside, but decided to give it a good soaking at about 150 deg C using my
hot air re-work gun for about 10 mins.

I have checked it against my Racal ovened reference and found a discrepancy
of about 0.8 Hz.

Now the million dollar question...Can I be sure the FRK is good before I
start to use it as my standard frequency?

Is the FRK constructed in such a way that the frequency accuracy is assured,
or do I need some way of verifying the FRK, or calibrating it.

I dont want to trim my ovened reference to the rubidium, only to find the
rubidium is not as accurate as I thought?

Sorry if dumb questions, but just starting my quest for "time nut" status!!!



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