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Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sun Aug 10 06:37:51 EDT 2014

There's a really good article on patents and the notional "person
skilled in the art" at:


If your mailer splits lines for you, you'll have to copy and paste the
rest of the link.
Note that the author is in the UK, not the US.

There are at least two uses for the notional person:
  1. Define the "prior art" with respect to the patent
  2. Be able to understand the patent as it is written.

Then there's the great long list of what is claimed, going from very
general to very specific.
This is done so that something will remain if the general claims are not
accepted by the examiner.

Disclaimer: I have a couple of patents, but I am not any kind of lawyer.

Bill Hawkins 

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On 8/9/14, 9:36 PM, Lee Mushel wrote:
> Jeeze, Brooke, I wish you hadn't brought up the possible patenting of
> Time Delay Beam steering antennas!   I wonder if my highly esteemed
> radio which I think uses some such technology, is illegal?

long since expired..

(but, I gotta say that a lot of the patents that get published in the
back of things
like IEEE Ant and Prop Magazine seem, to me, to be pretty obvious..)

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